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View the latest version (Jan 31, 2017) of City Council Goals & Priorites

January 15, 2019 - City Council Meeting - highlights:

  • Appointments made to DRB and Planning Commission (still one OPEN spot).
  • $150,000 grant approved for capital improvements in Park Village.
  • Attempt to use 2% increase in TOT for CalPERs funding and homelessness fails.
  • Changes made to process for filling board positions, given difficulties getting candidates.
  • PS: Lest anyone forget, it is the Mayor who runs the meeting.

Read the notes from John Necker.

January 2, 2019 - Annual Summary of 2018

Read it here!

December 18, 2018 - City Council Meeting - highlights:

  • Request for more delay on light changes at Safeway/High School Rd for pedestrians to make it across.
  • Flashing light at Bodega Ave and Ragle Road is completed.
  • Ten year lease extention for Wischemann Hall was approved.
  • Member Carnacchi is organizing a council/staff tour of downtown to assess conditions.
  • LED lighting is coming to a street near you. The Parting Shot describes one experience.

Read the notes from John Necker.

December 4, 2018 - City Council Meeting - highlights:

  • Sarah Glade Gurney, Una Glass and Patrick Slayter re-elected to the City Council.
  • Neysa Hinton was selected as Mayor, Patrick Slayter as Vice-Mayor.
  • Public comment did not disappoint. Councilmember Carnacchi bailed on part of the meeting, disappointed that he was not selected Vice-Mayor.
  • Roger and Linda Collins are the next Locals Who Make a Difference.
  • Cell towers, EMF, potential lawsuits, small cell antennae bans all come together.

Read the notes from John Necker.