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View the latest version (Jan 16, 2018) of City Council Goals & Priorites

January 7, 2020 - City Council Meeting - highlights:

  • 20th Anniversary of Rialto Cinemas recognized.
  • New water/sewer rates approved. Rates are not going down.
  • Signs for Peets and Supercuts approved. No litigation needed.
  • Formation of a climate action sub-committee authorized.

Read the notes from John Necker.

Bonus Read - Sebastopol's Chinatowns provided by John Necker.

January 1, 2020 - Annual Summary of 2019

Read it here!

December 17, 2019 - City Council Meeting - highlights:

  • The project at Murphy and Healdsburg Aves seems to be endless, with lots of disruption to traffic.
  • Calder Creek storm-water system is way overdue for some maintenance. Staff to pursue.
  • We might get an actual sidewalk on Bodega Ave across from the cemetery.
  • LANTERN group will have Councilmember Gurney as liaison to Council to look at improving the library.
  • Full time Fire Engineer job description and salary discussed.

Read the notes from John Necker.

December 3, 2019 - City Council Meeting - highlights:

  • Pat and Craig Boblitt officially named as "Locals Who Make A Difference."
  • Patrick Slayter named as Mayor, Una Glass as Vice-Mayor.
  • Public comment yields another wild incoherent critique of nearly everything.
  • Sebastopol signs on to support HR 763, climate plan to charge fees for fossil fuel extraction. If passed, will just add to the dust-gathering pile sitting on McConnell's desk.
  • In an only in Sebastopol irony, appears that the EMF folks want to be excluded from the move progressing towards eliminating gas hookups, in favor of all-electric.

Read the notes from John Necker.