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About Sebastopol Citizens

Mission Statement

We are Sebastopol citizens who are interested in transparent government and open communication regarding community issues that affect us all. Our goal is to serve as an additional source of information and an educational conduit for the community to better understand local issues. Citizens can then formulate opinions and express them clearly to our City Leadership.


Sebastopol Citizens (SC) was formed in the Spring of 2011 in response to a preliminary vote by the City Council to enact a ban on leaf blower use in Sebastopol. Through the efforts of SC and that of many other concerned citizens of Sebastopol, the Council realized that there was little support in the community for a ban. Read more in the Leaf Blowers page on our site.

Who Are We?

Yes, we are real people, living and doing business in Sebastopol. Besides an ever-growing e-mail list of concerned citizens, we have a core group that meets regularly and moves things along. Currently our core group includes: Kelly and Dan Swedenborg, Lonna and John Necker, John Henel, Julie Smith.

Going Forward

By getting involved in one local issue - making contacts, attending Council meetings, writing columns in the press, developing this website and an e-mail list, gathering signatures/canvassing neighborhoods - SC found itself naturally looking at other issues. With a successful campaign in support of reasonable and responsible use of leaf blowers, SC decided to continue working on other issues of importance to Sebastopol.

SC plans to have a presence at all City Council meetings, as well as other important meetings of other city boards and committees. We will gather information and disseminate essential elements via e-mail (sign up here) and on this website. We plan to include all key votes and list how each member cast his or her vote.