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Community Development Agency

As a result of the state budget crisis, funding for local redevelopment agencies has been severely impacted, as the state takes yet more from local entities to balance its budget. In fact each agency must decide by October 1, 2011 whether to even continue to operate at all, given the amounts that are likely to be available and the restrictions on use of the funds.

Sebastopol has such an agency and began the decision-making process at the August 2 Council meeting. Read more, and view the preliminary presentation from city staff on the topic, on the city website.

Jan - March, 2012: City to dissolve the CDA, establish oversight committee as successor - read more in Bob Norberg's PD story March 20, 2012.

And read Bob Norberg's article in the PD from August 2, 2011.

Jan 17, 2012 - City Council meeting - As a result of recent court decisions, Sebastopol must be out of the Redevelopment business by the 1st of February and the Council took the first steps to do that. The deadline could be extended to April 15th, but since that, as most of the details relating to elimination Redevelopment are unclear, the City is working to the February 1st deadline. There is a chance that the City may get a $300,000 to $400,000.00 windfall because of this but that is unclear also.