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The quickest and easiest way to reach ALL Council Members in one fell swoop is to email the Assistant City Manager/City Clerk Mary Gourley at and ask her to send to council members. This also will ensure that your message gets into the public record, if that is your intent.

Even if you email individual council members, you should also cc Mary so that she can make sure that your emails are entered into the public record.

If you wish to contact a specific individual, use the info below.

City Council Members

Una Glass, Mayor
Term expires: November 2022
(707) 483-2595

Sarah Glade Gurney, Vice Mayor
Term expires: November 2022
(707) 824-1871

Patrick Slayter
Term expires: November 2022
(707) 829-9090

Neysa Hinton
Term expires: November 2024
(707) 495-9087

Diana Rich
Term expires: November 2024

City Council Meetings

1st & 3rd Tuesdays each month
6:00 pm at Youth Annex 425 Morris St.
Agenda can be found on the City website.
SC will be there - will you?

City Staff

Mary Gourley, Assistant City Manager/City Clerk
(707) 823-1153

Larry McLaughlin, City Attorney and City Manager
(707) 823-2134

Contact info for other City Staff can be found online in the City Directory.

And lots more info on the
City Website here.