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Issues related to EMF

January 1, 2016 - NY City just fine with free, public Wi-Fi
"Can You Download Me Now? NY Payphones Become Wi-Fi Hot Spots" -
The first of at least 7,500 planned hot spots are due to go online early next year, promising superfast and free Wi-Fi service, new street phones with free calling, ports to charge personal phones and a no-cost windfall for the city.
Read the NY Times article here.

September, 2012 - Reprint from UC Berkeley's Wellness Letter "Power of Negative Thinking" - The placebo effect's dark twin - the nocebo effect. Read a short article here as it may pertain to EMF.

Jan 17, 2012 - City Council meeting - Sebastopol Citizen's John Necker speaks out during public comment in support of the City Council's decision, "...stating that the installation of the new cell panels was upheld in an open, democratic process - but evidently that wasn't good enough for some people. I asked the council to attempt to recoup any expenses should the suit by the EMF Network prove unsuccessful." SC supports the Council and their decision to allow additional antennas to be installed.

Jan 16, 2012 - lawsuit filed by EMF Safety Network for an injunction to prevent installation of the antennas, and to reverse the Council's decision, read Derek Moore's story in PD.

Dec 6, 2011 - City Council meeting - Council approves addition of three cell-phone antennas to an existing telecommunications tower behind City Hall, read Bob Norberg's PD story. This issue came before the Council in the form of an appeal by the EMF Safety Network to reverse the same decision made by the Planning Commission.

Vote to deny appeal (allow antennas): Guy Wilson, Patrick Slayter
Vote to uphold appeal (disallow antennas): Michael Kyes, Sarah Gurney