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Sebastopol Election 2012

Results Finalized

November 30, 2012 - Robert Jacob and John Eder are elected to the City Council. Sonoma County Registrar certifies final results as follows:
Robert Jacob 2,335 votes 29.4%
John Eder 1,992 votes 25.1%
Kathleen Shaffer 1,930 votes 24.3%
Kathy Austin 1,488 votes 18.8%
Colleen Shea Fernald 191 votes 2.4%

News items

Bob Norberg follows Sebastopol issues for the Press Democrat. Here is his summary for the election in the October 8 edition of the PD, and his story following the candidate forum held Oct 4 at the Community Center.

Sebastopol Citizens Endorsements

Over several weeks in July and early August, a core group of Sebastopol Citizens have met and held interviews for candidates running for the two seats on City Council in November’s election. Our interviews included 4 candidates – Kathleen Shaffer (incumbent), Kathy Austin, Robert Jacob, and John Eder.

On many issues, SC does not take a stand, instead aiming to only inform on the issue. For the 2012 City Council election, this is not the case. There are two seats open and there are two candidates that we feel are clearly a better choice to fill those seats.

While all the candidates have their strengths and each could bring something unique to the Council, and while we cannot expect any candidate to agree with all of us on all issues, we are very pleased to endorse Kathleen Shaffer and Kathy Austin for City Council.

Simply put, we believe that Shaffer and Austin can best represent the common sense, mainstream values that we have and are shared by a broad cross section of the entire Sebastopol community. The experience they both bring is invaluable, with Shaffer currently on the Council and Austin having served on the Council in the past. They understand the many issues facing our town, and have a good appreciation for how to balance growth and business interests with our small town charm.

Both Shaffer and Austin come from a practical, hands-on perspective. With a proven track record, both have shown that they have worked very hard for our town, on many issues, always from the viewpoint as to what is best for Sebastopol to keep it unique, vibrant and such a cool place for all of us to call home.