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Sustainable Design Assesment Team (SDAT)

Sebastopol is very fortunate to have been one of only 7 cities nationwide selected to receive a Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) grant for 2013. This grant provides approximately $250,000 of professional design effort, at virtually no cost to the City, to study the downtown core and make recommendations for our future. A local group of architects, organizers of the very successful CORE Project (more info here), made the case and applied for this grant.

A preliminary team visited Sebastopol in February 2013, to receive input from local groups including Sebastopol Citizens. This input was used to select the actual 6-member design team that returned in May 15-17, 2013 for intensive workshops, explorations, interviews, and analysis. A 2-hour presentation of findings was made the last evening, and a hard-copy report will be produced in the next couple months.

All events were well-attended - about 200 on Wednesday for workshops/town hall and 200 on Friday at the presentation. Lots of specific ideas and strategies were presented.

Visit the Sebastopol Connect website for lots more details and latest information on this ongoing project, and this link to the Team Presentation.

A video of the presentation is coming, but not yet available.